As civic technologists we aim to build solutions. Code for All was born from this ethos. Civic technology is fast becoming a global movement, but it is not yet one based on clearly articulated shared values, resources, or knowledge. We saw an opportunity to build the shared intellectual, social and technical infrastructure that will make accelerated and sustainable growth of this movement possible. Through Code for All, we can build governments for and by the people, that work in the twenty-first century, at global scale.

Convened by Code for America in 2013, we started with four founding members—Code for America, Code for the Caribbean, Codigo DF (Code for Mexico City), and Code for DE Labs (Code for Germany)—to learn by doing and together build the foundation for a truly global network. One year later, our network includes partners working in eleven countries.

We’re building technology in collaboration with government to help farmers protect their livelihoods in Jamaica, make taxi rides safer in Mexico City, and facilitate the search for free childcare centers in Germany. Most importantly, we’ve shared our experiences, and consulted with and learned from each other along the way.

This is only the beginning. As we continue to strengthen the network we’ll be better able to leverage each other’s tools and resources, share best practices and lessons learned, and reduce redundancy and replication. Ultimately, we want anyone anywhere in the world who wants to start a civic technology project where they live to be empowered with resources and knowledge—and to be able to plug into a global network of fellow travelers who can provide support along the way.

We hope you’ll join us.

The Code for All Community