Our Values

We write code.

Though the ultimate goal is sustainable institutional change, it starts with building technology. Teams of technologists function like a small start-up within government, quickly delivering tools that solve real problems.

We show what’s possible.

Using lean start-up methods and design thinking, Code for All members create interfaces to government that are simple, beautiful, and easy to use, and do this dramatically faster and cheaper than through traditional channels. Showing what’s possible changes the conversation, sets a new bar, and creates political will for innovation in government.

We improve government, not politics.

Code for All’s work focuses on opening and innovating the bureaucracy of government: how government delivers services, communicates with citizens, and creates opportunity. We leave the reform of politics to other organizations.

We operate in public.

Everything we build is open source. We actively encourage documentation, sharing, and app reuse.

We help build an ecosystem.

Whenever possible we reuse existing tools and platforms, encouraging integration and extension.