What's Next

Now that the foundation has been laid for a strong and growing international network, the Code for All community will continue to share our lessons learned, implement programs in partnership with local governments that use technology to improve our communities and document our learnings. We, as Code for All, will act as a platform for anyone, anywhere to start a civic technology project where they live.

And all of our efforts will continue to be better because we are connected.

Building the Civic Technology Infrastructure

Code for All is committed to creating the infrastructure that will allow all of us to undertake civic technology projects efficiently and effectively and to easily connect members of the global community to each other. In coordination with other partners, we are currently building out a suite of tools to manage the network and provide a platform for others to get started.

Relationship Building

Face-to-face meetings strengthen the community and foster cross-pollination of ideas across the world. We will hold periodic meetings to bring together civic innovators from around the world, fostering meaningful exchanges and sharing learning that will further strengthen the network. We will also explore a longer-term exchange model that allows members of one organization to travel to and work closely with another on shared projects.

Creating Resources

We will continue to document our lessons learned and create actionable resources and programming that support the inception of new programs, the development of existing programs, and the scale of the overall movement.

The Network

In just one year, the Code for All network has grown from the four founding partners to include thirty programs in eleven countries around the world.

Code for Germany
Code for the Caribbean
Code for Mexico City
Code for Japan
Koduj dla Polski (Code for Poland)

Code Namu (Code for Seoul)
g0v (Code for Taipei)
Code for Pakistan
Code for Australia
Code for Croatia

“The Code for All network is a great tool for any group of people interested in developing better governance in their own communities. The tools and experiences that we have had in the last year will serve as examples for new experiences in the coming years. “

- Oscar Montiel, Code for Mexico City

“Code for All is a great peer network. We've learned a lot from the experience and knowledge shared by the Code for All partners. Governments all over the world are facing similar challenges. Being part of Code for All we aim to leverage cooperation between government and the tech community in Germany and thus help governments to become more open and efficient."

- Julia Kloiber, Code for Germany

"For me, the value of the Code for All network is the diversity in approaches each partner is taking in their local context. It's not just in interpretations of fellowships, Brigades or civic tech events. It's even more fascinating to learn about how relationships with government, engagement in tech and open data policy discussions, organizational business models, and culture change differ across the partners. In many ways, we're all struggling in ways that are similar and that are different, and it's great to see how that plays out."

- Matthew McNaughton, Code for the Caribbean

Join Us

Thank you

Code for All is deeply grateful to our sponsor, the Omidyar Network, and our remarkable advisory board who helped shape our thinking along the way:

Omidyar Network
  • Stacy Donohue
    Director of Investments, Omidyar Network
  • David Eaves
    Public Policy and Open Government Entrepreneur
  • Felipe Heusser
    Director, Ciudadano Inteligente
  • Ginny Hunt
    Principal, Strategy and Civic Innovation, Google
  • Andrew McLaughlin
    SVP, betaworks and CEO, Digg
  • Ory Okolloh
    Director of Investments, Omidyar Network
  • Tom Steinberg
    Founder and Executive Director, MySociety
  • Chris Vein
    Chief Innovation Officer, World Bank
  • Ethan Zuckerman
    Director, Center for Civic Media, MIT