Code for America’s programs provided govtech companies with funding, mentorship, and the right connections to navigate the govtech ecosystem.


Code for America ran a government technology Accelerator from 2012-2014. The Accelerator helped early-stage government technology companies get the financial, strategic, and operational support they need to succeed. Out of hundreds of applicants, 5-7 participating companies were selected each year. During the 4 month, in-person program, these companies received 200+ hours of mentorship from industry leaders, pitched to numerous government officials, and gained access to investors and sales leads.


In 2013 and 2014, Code for America ran an Incubator program to help fellowship teams transition from prototype app to full fledged product-market fit. Teams worked on scaling their businesses and navigating the government technology space. In past years, teams have received 100+ hours of mentorship from industry leaders, pitched to hundreds of government officials, and gained access to numerous govtech investors and sales leads.

“The Accelerator completely elevated our overall sense of purpose. We already knew that we were disrupting the state of technology for a specific pain point, and the Accelerator helped us realize the part we can play to transform government into a platform on which vendors like us, citizens, and public sector employees work together to improve society.”

Anil Chawla, CEO ArchiveSocial

2014 Accelerator

  • ProductBio

    ProductBio provides product information for sustainable procurement and reporting. It is the largest product sustainability information database in the world, automatically understanding production and consumption impacts of things on the planet, people, and places.

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  • SeamlessDocs

    SeamlessDocs turns any existing document into a dynamic SeamlessDoc that can be completed and eSigned from any device. SeamlessDocs is the modern replacement for the PDF.

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2014 Incubator

2013 Accelerator

2013 Incubator

2012 Accelerator