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Local governments must meet residents where they are spending more and more time: online. Public trust in government, access to services, and participation in civic life, can all be improved by redesigning how local governments engage with their constituents. Code for America partners with local governments to use data and technology to improve communications with residents, while developing ways to encourage productive participation.

What We're Working On

Meeting people where they are: online

A government's main website is the online equivalent of city hall. Residents expect to be able to go there to do all of their government business in one place— but for local government staff, providing this is easier said than done. Through our Digital Front Door project, Code for America is working with several US cities to rethink the government website in order to improve the experience for both residents and government employees.

Place based call in system to collect feedback

CityVoice was created to make community feedback quick, easy and accessible for residents and actionable for public servants. It invites residents to participate through on-location signs and flyers; residents call a phone number, enter a location code, and answer structured polls as well as leaving voice answers to open-ended questions. The responses are collected and presented on a public website.

A new standard for community engagement

We have seen glimpses of a better model of engagement working for government staff and the public across America. The Civic Engagement Standard systematizes what we have seen work and offers both governments and residents concrete tools and tactics to use in their communities.

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