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Redesigning how workers, entrepreneurs, and businesses interact with local government can foster the kind of growth a whole community can participate in. Code for America partners with local government to improve digital services that streamline interactions between governments and businesses, and bridge the skills gap.

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Streamlining interactions between business and government

The United States ranks 46th in the world for ease of starting a business, mostly because of how hard it is to understand and meet state and local requirements. Permit and zoning regulations, and difficult to access incentives intended to support businesses, are often prohibitively complex. Some business owners hire consultants to help, others give up. Over the last 5 years, we have created tools and services to improve business/government interactions and streamline the process for getting a small business up and running.

Helping people build the skills they need for available jobs

Federal, State and local governments spend millions of dollars each year in training programs to help low and middle income workers build job skills. However, the government doesn’t track if the people using these programs end up getting jobs using their new skills. Without this information, it’s hard to tell which programs are working, or if programs are outdated and train people for jobs that aren’t needed. We are working to connect people to resources that help them build the skills they need to compete in the workforce, while giving government the data they need to make decisions about where to invest.

Helping people navigate resources to start or grow their business

Too often, local governments offer well-intentioned programs to businesses that businesses know nothing about or are unable to access. PrimerPeso was developed in Puerto Rico to help aspiring entrepreneurs identify the business incentives and services that are available to them.

Shared economic prosperity is the defining issue of our time. We must harness data and technology toward economic development that will help us to produce that outcome.


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