About PremierPeso

PrimerPeso is a web application that helps new business owners find, identify, and apply for incentives and resources to help start or grow their business. Developed with government and community partners in Puerto Rico, PrimerPeso encourages business owners and entrepreneurs to stay, invest, and grow in Puerto Rico.

PrimerPeso is a very friendly application and it provides you with what you need to get finance…people don’t know about what is available

ARTURO LOPEZ, founder of Huerto isleño.

The Product

The app asks business owners questions, filters through the available incentives, and displays a results page customized to the answers. The results page provides information about each incentive such as benefit type, agency delivering, cost of application, requirements, average processing time, and more. The business owner can choose as many incentives as wanted, and in just one click requests will be sent to the all of the agencies involved.

PremierPeso Government Partners

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Contact Efrem Bycer, Director of Economic Development at efrem@codeforamerica.org