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Often, health and human services programs don’t work for the people that need them the most. Much can be done to make it cheaper and easier to deliver services to the public, while ensuring that they are being delivered with dignity. Code for America partners with local governments to improve the delivery of services by increasing program access and usability.

What We're Working On

Improving SNAP access across California

In California around 40% of people eligible for CalFresh aren't receiving benefits, making for the second worst participation rate in the country. While there are many barriers to receiving CalFresh, one of the biggest is the difficulty to enroll. is a mobile-freindly website, centered around the needs of users, that lets people apply for CalFresh in 10 minutes. We are currently looking for county partners in California who want to improve CalFresh enrollment and usability in their county.

Using data to reduce demands on emergency services

In Long Beach, as in many places across the country, a small percentage of people make up a majority of visits to the emergency room. 52 percent of last year’s emergency medical calls came from just 10 percent of the addresses. AddressIQ is a web application that synthesizes and analyzes city data daily to identify addresses with the highest number of 911 calls. It then highlights them to city staffers and supports coordination of cost-effective ways to provide those addresses with better care and resources.

Streamlining the eligibility screening process for health services

More than a quarter of Richmond residents live in poverty, and many do not have health insurance. They depend on a network of public and private organizations that provide free or discounted care to the uninsured. Our fellows are building a web application that allows patients to find out if they are eligible for services online and helps organizations share this information to reduce redundant screenings, making the process easier and more efficient for everyone.

The work with Code for America has href="/focused San Francisco on improving the user customer experience. It's clear there is significant work to be done to improve system design and user experience locally and across the state.


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