About AddressIQ

AddressIQ is a web application developed with the City of Long Beach, CA to reduce the demand on emergency services by analyzing city data to help identify addresses with a high number of 911 calls. AddressIQ displays this information to city staff and supports the coordination of cost-effective ways to provide those addresses with better care and resources.

This is really going to help give a much clearer picture of all the data in all our various systems so that we can be more efficient in trying to address some of these properties.

TOM MODICA, Assistant City Manager, Long Beach, CA

The Product

When a city staff member logs into AddressIQ they see the highest priority, highest EMS utilizing addresses first. AddressIQ can also sort by the highest number of calls for either fire—which includes emergency medical calls—or police, get context, and filter by date range to see how the calls have changed over time. With these features and more, AddressIQ gives city staff in different departments the ability to view and coordinate their actions to best use city resources and help people.

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