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Across the country, practitioners are working to give our justice system a redesign. Code for America works with cities and counties to create justice systems that are safe, fair, and effective. Using data and technology, we help save public dollars and increase community safety.

What We're Working On

Real-time Analysis of Jail Conditions

The Jail Population Management Dashboard gives judges, corrections staff, and police a real-time, in-depth view of the Louisville metro jail system. With unprecedented access to jail data, stakeholders are able to visualize how their decisions affect outcomes, discover trends, and coordinate efforts across agencies.

Helping People with Criminal Records Get a Fresh Start

In California, prop 47 provides individuals with past felony convictions for low-level crimes, the opportunity to request a record change with the court. Change My Record is Code for America’s project to help up to 200,000 Californians take advantage of this opportunity.

Opening Up Police Data

We're working with the White House Police Data Initiative to help police departments across the country increase transparency, with the aim of improving policing and communications strategies and fostering community dialogue.

Reducing Failures to Appear with a Text Message

Courtbot is a simple web service for handling court case data. It enables city residents who receive traffic tickets to text their citation number to get information on how to pay the ticket or get information and reminders about their court dates. Code for America is developing related technology to help people complete probation successfully.

Using data to reduce demands on emergency services

AddressIQ is a web application that synthesizes and analyzes city data daily to identify addresses with the highest number of 911 calls. It then highlights them to city staffers and supports coordination of cost-effective ways to provide those addresses with better care and resources.

Given the size of these figures (13M jail admissions, $9B to house defendants who don't make bail)...It is troubling that we are not applying data analysis to one of the greatest challenges we face as a society.


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