About Change My Record

Change My Record helps Californians with criminal records get a fresh start. In California, Prop 47 provides individuals with past felony convictions for low-level crimes, the opportunity to request a record change with the court. Change My Record is Code for America’s project to help up to 200,000 eligible Californians take advantage of this opportunity.

These are individuals who have served their time and are seeking to move forward with their lives, but who currently face barriers to accessing student loans, employment opportunities, and stable housing with their families due to their non-violent felony records. The savings from reduced incarceration costs will be invested into drug and mental health treatment, programs for at-risk students in K-12 schools, and victim services.

People do change and in society’s view they don’t see that….And to have this opportunity to me and to other people who have changed their lives and have gone through programs. I think we deserve a chance.

Aileen Logan, Resident of Merced, CA

About the Application

Still in its developmental stages now, Change My Record is a user-centered, mobile-friendly tool that will help individuals reclassify their non-violent felonies to misdemeanors. Code for America is currently partnering with Californians for Safety and Justice, San Francisco City and County, and Alameda County Public Defenders Office to build Change My Record.

Work with us

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Contact Jenny Montoya Tansey, Director of Safety and Justice at jenny@codeforamerica.org