About the Jail Dashboard

The Jail Population Management Dashboard gives judges, corrections staff, and police a real-time, in-depth view of the Louisville metro jail system. The Dashboard was built with the city of Louisville in partnership with the Laura and John Arnold Foundation to address jail overcrowding and provide insight into the jail population profile. The dashboard helps the jail administrator, judges, and other stakeholders understand the conditions in the metro jail and use this data to visualize how their decisions—at both the individual and policy level—affect program, facility, and inmate outcomes.

The Criminal Justice Commission and Jail Policy Committee have been wanting a tool like this since 1980.

BETH NIBLOCK, Former Chief Information Officer, Louisville, KY

The Product

With the available data, the system can provide historical information going back decades, as well as near real-time data about the current jail population. It also allows judges and officials to see trends and the broad picture while simultaneously being able to drill down to the names and information of individual inmates. Features enable stakeholders to:

  • visualize and compare the existing capacity of the jail and alternatives to incarceration programs
  • track who is where, across the entire jail population
  • understand population trends, as well as filter the data by gender, age, court, sentence status or length of stay
  • use any device to access the software with its responsive design

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