Code for America Announces Government Partners for 2016 Fellowship Program

November 17, 2015, San Francisco — Today Code for America announced new partnerships with six local governments for the 2016 Code for America Fellowship Program.

The governments are: Kansas City, Missouri; Long Beach, California; New Orleans, Louisiana; New York City, New York; Salt Lake County, Utah; and Seattle, Washington.

“We are thrilled to announce our partnership with these six local governments in 2016. Each partner was selected for their commitment to making government services simpler, faster, and more effective for the people who use them,” said Jennifer Pahlka, Founder and Executive Director of Code for America.

The Code for America Fellowship pairs local governments with teams of mid-career, civic-minded technologists for one year. Governments and fellows selected for the 2016 Fellowship develop digital approaches to delivering public services that:

  • improve access to health and human services in Kansas City, Missouri and New York City, New York,
  • safely reduce incarceration in Salt Lake County, Utah and Seattle, Washington, and
  • promote economic development opportunities in New Orleans, Louisiana and Long Beach, California.

Fellows and government partners will explore answers to local challenges by engaging with the community, building applications, and testing the results. Over the past five years, the Fellowship program has produced more than 65 software applications with 38 municipal governments and 126 fellows.

The applications are tangible results of a process that builds much more than a piece of technology—they are vehicles for driving cultural and structural change inside government.

“Our fellows apply an iterative, user-centered, and data-driven approach to their work. By focusing on the user experience of applying for and using services, our fellows help to debug government operations, and develop a new set of digital practices that help them work better in the 21st century,” Luke Norris, Senior Director of Government Relations, said. “The Fellowship shifts the way governments think about and use technology to deliver public services.”

This year, five of the six governments are alums of the Fellowship program—a testament to the impact of the Fellowship program and the governments’ commitment to delivering services in ways that are simple, beautiful, and easy to use for everyone.

Interested in becoming a 2017 Code for America Fellowship partner? Learn more on our partner information page.

Quotes from Mayors about their participation in the Fellowship are available below:

“Code for America is selecting Kansas City for a fellowship for the second time, demonstrating that we are in sync with the approach of using digital and tech resources to make the city better for all. Because the fellowship this time will focus on using tech resources to improve health outcomes for children, it also is better for Kansas City’s future.”

—Mayor Sly James, Kansas City, Missouri

“Impacting the health of our citizens is important. Partnering with Code for America to help the health department better leverage technology to impact the way we deliver health services to our citizens is an important opportunity for us to impact health inequities.”

—Rex D. Archer, MD, MPH, Director of Health, Kansas City, Missouri

“We’re excited to collaborate—once again—with Code for America to continue making Long Beach more efficient, transparent, and innovative. This year we're pleased to use technology to increase inclusive engagement of our business community and streamline the way businesses interact with the City digitally. Working with Code for America will have a lasting impact on not only our community, but will further support the way we work to build 21st century government practices within the walls of City Hall.”

—Mayor Robert Garcia, Long Beach, California

“We are proud and honored to welcome Code for America back to New Orleans. This partnership will support our economic opportunity strategy and generate tools for connecting disadvantaged job seekers and businesses to new opportunities. As a laboratory for innovation and change, New Orleans will directly engage fellows in some of our most important and transformational work.”

—Mayor Mitch Landrieu, New Orleans, Louisiana

“It is an honor for New York City to partner with Code for America, and we’re excited to be joined by civic-minded and innovative fellows who are dedicated to using their intelligence and creativity to make a difference. I’m looking forward to bringing them in to help with our efforts to use digital technologies to improve access to the City's health and human services.”

—Mayor Bill de Blasio, New York City, New York

“Salt Lake County is struggling with having to re-arrest people for not showing up to a court appearance or to court-ordered treatment. That is expensive, inefficient and—most of all—doesn’t help address the reason behind the original arrest. We’re excited to work with Code for America to find the right technological tool that people can use to avoid being re-arrested. That should help ease overcrowding at the jail and help put individuals on a more constructive path.”

—Mayor Ben McAdams, Salt Lake County, Utah

“We are truly excited to partner with an organization so renowned for its work enhancing digital government. This work will aid our city’s ability to help those most in need.”

—Mayor Ed Murray, Seattle, Washington

“We are pleased to have such an innovative partner working with us to connect officers, service providers, and those in need quickly and efficiently. This is another example of technology driving positive change for all.”

—Police Chief Kathleen O’Toole, Seattle Police Department

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