This opportunity validates our place in the ever-growing world of technology. But, more importantly, it ultimately makes local government more open, accessible, and innovative.

Mayor Andy Berke

The 2014 Fellowship in Chattanooga

Code for America Chattanooga is working with City Hall to open government data and foster an ecosystem of civic application development. The team helped launch the city’s open data site, shepherded an open data policy, deployed a local wiki, and organized a Civic User Testing Group, in partnership with the Benwood Foundation.

Additionally, the Fellows are working on Best Nest, a platform that helps renters make informed housing choices. It brings together disparate data: code violations, evictions, energy, transit, and parcel data to empower renters in their search for safe, affordable housing. Check out the Fellows' mid-year update to learn more.

Meet the team:

  • Jason Denizac

    Chattanooga Team

    Jason is a software developer and open source community organizer. He has worked building web and mobile software for healthcare, and has interests in distributed systems and network citizenship. Jason holds a BA in Public Policy from Boise State University which he attended as a National Merit Scholar.…


  • Jeremia Kimelman

    Chattanooga Team

    Jeremia is passionate about the intersection of technology and policy. At Tout, he managed the design and development of video product that brought breaking news stories to life for a worldwide audience. Jeremia is a community organizer for Mobile Monday, and has traveled the world promoting technological…


  • Giselle Sperber

    Chattanooga Team

    Giselle is a user experience designer. Over the past eight years she’s worked on technology for classrooms and students, most recently at Amplify in New York. Passionate about healthy communities and good food, she co-founded the Greene Hill Food Co-op, a member owned grocery story in Brooklyn. Giselle holds a ...


Team Leads: Stacy Richardson, Chief Policy Officer and Jeff Cannon, Chief Innovation Officer
Community Partners: Benwood Foundation, Lyndhurst Foundation

Follow the fellows' progress on their blog ChitChatt

Contribute to Best Nest on GitHub.

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