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The City of Denver has enlisted the 2014 Code for America fellows to work alongside city staff and shape government services.

The 2014 Fellowship in Denver

The Code for America Denver is working with the City and County of Denver to demonstrate innovation with open data and good service design. Rather than focusing on one large project, the 2014 Fellowship team in Denver has decided to tackle several smaller problems the city and its’ residents face everyday. Check out the Fellows' mid-year update for more details.

The team has built Denver Street Sweeping, a website that allows residents to sign up for street sweeping reminders near their home so they avoid tickets. The City and County of Denver developers will take over the application and add additional schedules.

They are playing around with data visualizations with different data from Denver's Open Data Portal.

They've created Cute Pets Denver, a Twitter bot that tweets out adorable pictures of adoptable pets from Denver’s animal shelter to help save these animals from euthanization. This project has already been re-deployed in cities like Boston, Austin, and Norfolk.

Meet the team:

  • Becky Boone

    Denver Team

    Becky is a software developer from Anchorage, AK. She enjoys volunteering her technical skills locally. This past year she taught free programming classes to women, as well as managed the city's commuter challenge open source project. Becky stays outside in Alaska year round through biking, hiking, and and cross-country skiing.


  • Kavi Harshawat

    Denver Team

    Kavi is a user experience researcher and designer. Most recently, he has sought to improve civic engagement and bring better user experiences to government through his project GoodCTZN. Previously, Kavi worked at Aardvark and Google, as an early member of the Google team. His interests include food,…


  • Drew Wilson

    Denver Team

    Drew Wilson is a developer, organizer, and researcher with a love of tech and an interest in using his technical skills to improve communities. Based in Worcester, Massachusetts, Drew founded New England VegFest and comes to the Fellowship as the CTO of Compassion Over Killing — an organization dedicated to exposing cruelty…



Team Leads: David Edinger, Chief Performance Officer; Chris Binnicker, Deputy Chief Informaiton Officer; and Sarah Kurz, Director of Strategic Marketing

Follow the fellows' progress on their blog Code for Denver

Contribute to Cute Pets Denver on GitHub and Denver Street Sweeping on GitHub.

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