About the Fellowship

Code for America pairs teams of technologists with local governments across the country to work in partnership with government officials and the communities they serve.

In 2017, we are looking to partner with several local government agencies within City, County and State governments to develop applications that measurably improve the delivery of a key service that they provide to the public.

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This process, more than the apps, is what’s really cool. Opening the government up and working with the community – getting their buy-in – has been a game changer.

FOREST FRIZZELL, Deputy Director for the Department of IT City and County of Honolulu, HI

Our Approach

The Fellowship program sends teams of experienced technologists into local governments across the country to work full-time for a year in partnership with government officials. The fellows apply 21st Century Government Practices to important problems.

Over the course of the project period, the fellows immerse themselves in the community, researching user needs, meeting with stakeholders, proposing solutions, and collaborating with the government to build technology using an iterative, user-centered, and data-driven approach.

While the product of the Fellowship is typically an early stage application that improves the delivery of a government service or function, the process acts as a vehicle for driving cultural and structural change inside of government — encouraging innovation, improving tolerance for risk, and increasing the organizations capacity for transparency and engagement.

Where we focus

Code for America applies 21st Century Government Practices to redesigning core government services in health, economic development and safety and justice.

  • Health & Human Services

    Improving the access and usability of services that have a deep impact on a community’s health.

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  • Economic Development

    Fostering inclusive economic growth by streamlining interactions between governments and businesses.

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  • Safety & Justice

    Creating justice systems that are safe, fair, and effective.

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2016 Government Partners

Get to know more about the 2016 governments, communities, and the projects we’re working on together. Meet our alumni partners.

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Reach out to us to discuss the fellowship program and how to bring the fellows to your government. Contact SaraT Mayer, Interim Chief Outcomes Officer, by email at stmayer[at]codeforamerica.org.

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