In Lexington we’re building a Great American City by challenging ourselves to constantly strive for continuous improvement in all we do. We’re thrilled to have the opportunity to work with Code for America to better engage our citizens through innovation and technology.

Mayor Jim Gray, City of Lexington

The 2014 Fellowship in Lexington

Since January, the Fellows in Lexington has been exploring neighborhood quality of life issues and indicators. Specifically, the team has been working on building a Quality of Life Dashboard for neighborhood data. The project is focused around enabling data-driven decision-making and aiding in storytelling about different communities in Lexington.

The Fellows used as guiding factors the information gathered from Lexingtonians about what matters most to their community. In addition to conducting one-on-one interviews, in-person user testing, and casual conversations, the team also completed research and data analysis to determine indicators of strong and weak neighborhoods. The result is a platform that visualizes insights and narratives about social, physical, economic, and environmental trends in neighborhoods, built from city data in standardized formats.

Beyond their work with the city government, the Fellows have also been building community around civic technology and open data. Through partnership with OpenLexington, the local Brigade, the Fellows have had opportunities to hold events and conduct skillshares to bring together other members of the Lexington technology community, LFUCG employees who are interested in innovation, and interested and civic-minded Lexingtonians who want to make a difference in the community. Check out the Fellows' mid-year update to learn more.

Meet the team:

  • Lyzi Diamond

    Lexington Team

    Lyzi Diamond is a geographic information systems analyst, technical/educational writer, and front-end developer. Most recently, she worked in GIS/technical writing for the Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industries. She also helped organize women-focused tech and map-related events in Portland.…


  • Erik Schwartz

    Lexington Team

    Erik Schwartz is a long-time developer and partner at Table XI and a musician of the past, present and future. To keep things interesting, he spent the last two years traveling the globe crafting wonderful software from picturesque locations. When it comes right down to it Erik aspires to be both…


  • Livien Yin

    Lexington Team

    Livien is a front-end developer and web designer. Most recently, she apprenticed at Taulia as a user interface engineer. Her passion lies in interactive art, data visualization, and environmental empathy. Livien graduated from Reed College where she made oil paintings and wrote her thesis on urban design in Portland, OR.


Team Leads: Shaye Rabold, Policy Advisor; Jamie Emmons, Chief of Staff; Derek Paulsen, Commissioner of Planning
Community Partners:
  • Ben Askren
  • Blue Grass Community Foundation
  • Churchill McGee, LLC
  • Columbia Gas
  • David Coomer
  • DMD Data Systems
  • Jim Gray
  • John and Donna Hall
  • Phil Holoubek
  • Lexington Convention and Visitors Bureau
  • Miller Wells, PLLC
  • Warren Rosenthal
  • Toyota
  • Xerox
  • Bingham McCutchen, LLP
  • Bob Babbage
  • John Cirigliano
  • Commerce Lexington
  • Kip Cornett
  • Florida Tile
  • Gray Construction
  • Debra Hensley’s Social Stimulus
  • Kentucky Utilities
  • Patrick Madden
  • QX.net
  • Ben and Becca Self
  • University of Kentucky
  • Chris Young
Follow the fellows' progress on their blog Team Big Lex

Contribute to Qold and other Lexington projects on GitHub.

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