Cities are the new centers of innovation and Mesa is a leader in developing programs that engage our community through the use of technology.

We are excited to take this next step and partner with Code for America and Arizona State University to develop ideas and applications that better serve our residents.

Former-Mayor Scott Smith, City of Mesa

The 2014 Fellowship in Mesa

Code for America Team Mesa has been exploring ways to engage disparate groups in the city. In their engagement with the city's residents, they heard concerns about participation in the legislative processes, the notion of “decisions being made behind closed doors, not hearing about things until after they’ve have been voted on”. It resonated deeply. Based on extensive research and feedback, the Fellows have been devoting their efforts towards solving this problem.

You Are Here is an app for residents to learn about the area where they live. The perception of Mesa as not having a strong identity ties into the scale of the city and its diversities of population. By simply entering a user’s address, information such as a map of the district boundary, councilmember, ways to communicate with the councilmember, legislative items being voted on in the district and ways to show support or opposition to the measure appears. An educational component will be featured, explaining in a user friendly manner the often hard to understand jargon that is associated with legislation.

In addition to the work with the city of Mesa, the Fellows are collaborating with Arizona State University (ASU) to develop the first Code for America collaborative university partnership. This year, they will be designing an official ASU internship program focusing on civic tech to inspire the next generation of civic leaders and innovators at the collegiate level.

Check out the Fellows' mid-year update to learn more.

Meet the team:

  • Tom Buckley

    Mesa Team

    Tom is a researcher and developer focused on urban informatics. He worked in urban planning before hacking on data and doing research at Geocommons. Since then, Tom consulted for the World Bank, directed research at Casey Trees, taught a graduate class at The New School, and studied Geoinformatics.


  • Wendy Fong

    Mesa Team

    Wendy is a designer and educator. Recently, she was in Haiti working on a women's crisis call center platform. She's passionate about providing design solutions for non-profits and has collaborated with family services agencies, solar projects in rural Africa, and inner city youth programs. In her spare time she can be found at...


  • Peter Welte

    Mesa Team

    Peter is a hacker and organizer from Portland, dedicated to advancing environmental and community causes through the use of technology. Committing time to political causes, nonprofits, and advocacy campaigns, he specializes in front-end design and back-end development using Drupal. When not working, he enjoys ...


For its 2014 fellowship year, Mesa is excited to have the opportunity to partner with Arizona State University, the first partnership of its kind in the fellowship program.

Arizona State University – Polytechnic Campus – College of Technology and Innovation (CTI)
ASU’s Polytechnic campus is home to more than 6,000 students exploring ASU’s professional and technological programs. Thousands of square feet of laboratory space make way for project-based learning.

At ASU’s College of Technology and Innovation (CTI) they make things. They make things that matter. They make positive change. They make leaders. But most of all, they make ideas happen.

City Team Leads: Scott Butler, Director of Gov Relations, Ian Linssen, City Council Liaison
Community Partners: Arizona State University

Follow the fellows' progress on their blog Mesa'naround

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