The 2016 Fellowship in New Orleans

In 2016 Code for America will work with the City of New Orleans to build digital tools to connect jobseekers, training providers, and employers across New Orleans.

The project is a partnership among Code for America, the City of New Orleans, and the Markle Foundation, as part of its Rework America Connected initiative, which aims to connect job seekers with the employers and training opportunities needed to engage with the high-growth, well-paying industries of the 21st century economy.

The team will work closely with the Network for Economic Opportunity, an initiative launched by Mayor Landrieu in 2013 to reduce inequities and increase economic outcomes across socioeconomic, racial, and geographic lines. The project will include analysis of job descriptions in New Orleans Workforce Investment Board job postings, examining the correlation of common job requirements language with the skills and experience needed to succeed in these jobs, and identifying factors, including wording, placement, and promotion of job postings, that contribute to bias and reduce applications by qualified applicants to these jobs.

For more information on the 2016 Code for America Fellowship see the announcement.

  • Stephanie Cain

    New Orleans Team

    Stephanie is a web designer originally from Denver, Colorado. She is passionate about the DIY movement, particularly as it applies to code and online shared resources. Prior to her work with Code for ...


  • Georgia Andrews

    New Orleans Team

    Georgia is a software engineer, Women Who Code San Francisco city director, and dedicated long-distance bike commuter. She spent the last four years building and tuning core applications for insurance...


  • Pascal Carole

    New Orleans Team

    Pascal is a developer originally from Martinique. He spent his early career at Microsoft both as an engineer and a product manager. Most recently, Pascal led the engineering team at as the comp...


Meet the 2016 team:

Team Leads: Alex S. Lebow, Director of Strategic Partnerships, City of New Orleans and Ashleigh Gardere, Sr. Advisor to Mayor Mitchell J. Landrieu and Director of The Network for Economic Opportunity, City of New Orleans


We are proud and honored to welcome Code for America back to New Orleans. This partnership will support our economic opportunity strategy and generate tools for connecting disadvantaged job seekers and businesses to new opportunities. As a laboratory for innovation and change, New Orleans will directly engage fellows in some of our most important and transformational work.

Mayor Mitch Landrieu, New Orleans, LA

The 2012 Fellowship in New Orleans

Blighted and abandoned properties are more than just eyesores — they attract crime and decrease property value. In 2012, the City of New Orleans had more than 35,000 derelict and abandoned properties with little information to track their demolition or restoration. Citizens who wanted blight-related information could either spend hours on the phones with City Departments or wade through a series of confusing websites.

A woman named Rita Legrand went so far as to attend 400 property code violation hearings hoping that administrative judges would do something in her community. When asked to create a public record of blighted properties, government officials estimated the project would take three years to build and would cost millions of dollars.

In six weeks, Code for America fellows Amir Reavis-Bey, Eddie Tejeda, Alex Pandel and Serena Wales joined city officials Allen Square and Denise Ross and built Blightstatus.

What was originally slated to be a multiyear, multimillion dollar effort became something that brought community members together. The apps was so successful that it was accepted as a Code for America incubator company and has since spun into a startup called CivicInsight.

Other apps that emerged from the fellowship year include a disaster preparedness program and a tool to sync open datasets to the

Meet the 2012 team:

  • Eddie Tejeda

    New Orleans Team OpenOakland

    Eddie Tejeda is co-founder of Civic Insight, where he bring his experience bringing modern technologies and practices to civic institutions. Previously, Eddie was a 2012 Code for America fellow and was one of the creators of BlightStatus for the City of New Orleans. Eddie also founded, a paragraph-level…


  • Serena Wales

    New Orleans Team

    Serena Wales is a web developer from New York. Serena has worked at Purpose building campaigning tools and web, applications for nonprofits and corporations. Previously, she worked with museums and nonprofits to bring technology into new areas, developing interactive projects for the High Museum of Art…


  • Alex Pandel

    New Orleans Team

    Alex Pandel is a graphic designer, writer, problem-solver, communicator, urban explorer, and internet-lover. Alex thrives on collaboration and lives to craft creative and beautiful solutions to problems big and small. Alex graduated from the University of Southern California with a degree in Studio Art,…


  • Amir Reavis-Bey

    New Orleans Team

    Amir Reavis-Bey is a software engineer focused on developing networks promoting social good for efforts such as Haiti relief and social enterprise. Amir earned a BS in Computer Science from North Carolina State University and has spent more than seven years working as an investment banking technologist…


Articles & video

  • Mayor Landrieu and Code for America to Unveil Blighted Properties App –

    Mayor Mitch Landrieu and Code for America external link (CFA) will announce the launch of BlightStatus, a new interactive tool for residents to track the progress of blighted properties within the code Enforcement system in New Orleans.

  • A High Tech Solution for a Neighborhood Problem – PBS News Hour

    Code for America, a San Francisco nonprofit, enlists high tech professionals to work with local governments to create tools to help average citizens tackle hunger, blight and other civic problems. NewsHour correspondent Spencer Michels reports.

The 2016 New Orleans Fellowship is a partnership with

The Markle Foundation, as part of its Rework America Connected Initiative