The 2016 Fellowship in Salt Lake County

Code for America is partnering with Salt Lake County to help individuals show up for their required court hearings and avoid re-arrest. Nearly 10 percent of the county’s probation clients fail to appear in court. About 20 percent don’t show up for the court-ordered treatment which is intended to lower their risk of reoffense.

The Salt Lake County project will build on CourtBot, a tool Code for America built for the city of Atlanta that sends SMS reminders to people who receive traffic citations about their court dates. The population served will be expanded to include criminal defendants and probationers. A broader focus will aim to increase the number of individuals who successfully complete the court process and fulfill the terms of their probation.

Meet the 2016 team:

  • Ben Peterson

    Salt Lake County Team

    Ben Peterson is a designer, researcher and educator who is passionate about improving access to information and services through design. Prior to Code for America, he led and contributed to social inn...


  • Kuan Butts

    Salt Lake County Team

    Kuan is a software developer who loves engineering transit and urban planning tools. Previously, Kuan worked on transit mapping and scenario modeling projects with the MIT Media Lab and the Singapore-...


Team Leads: Fraser Nelson, Director of Data and Innovation at Salt Lake County and Elizabeth Mitchell, Senior Advisor to the Mayor and Research Associate at Salt Lake County

Salt Lake City Seal

Salt Lake County is struggling with having to re-arrest people for not showing up to a court appearance or to court-ordered treatment. That is expensive, inefficient and—most of all—doesn’t help address the reason behind the original arrest. We’re excited to work with Code for America to find the right technological tool that people can use to avoid being re-arrested. That should help ease overcrowding at the jail and help put individuals on a more constructive path.

Mayor Ben McAdams, Salt Lake County, UT

The 2016 Salt Lake County Fellowship is supported by

Google Fiber and the Laura and John Arnold Foundation