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Code for America connects technologists with government to create 21st century services and digital platforms. Raise your hand and help us expand our work.

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    Code for America partners with 6-10 local governments each year to develop innovative digital approaches to delivering key public services across health, economic development, and safety and justice.

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    Join a year-long partnership with a local government to develop digital tools that help governments deliver key services.

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  • Write code, solve problems

    Use your development, design and writing skills from home. Contribute to civic technology projects across the country now.

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    Investing in the future of our country by making your government more open, efficient, and responsive. Whether it’s $20 or $2,000, every contribution is meaningful.

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  • Volunteer your skills

    Join a local volunteer group that brings together community members to help make government work better. Brigades use technology to build new tools to help with local civic issues.

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    We develop apps that create simple, beautiful, easy-to-use interfaces with government services.

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