Digital Front Door Alpha Program

A Web Redesign Bootcamp for Government Communicators

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The website is your city’s digital front door. Residents expect to find the same services there they would find inside city hall. Further, we now know that 64% of American adults own a smartphone of some kind and many underserved citizens use a smartphone as their only means of online access. People need and expect to do city business from wherever they are.

Learn redesign best practices, by building an alpha website. Over 10 weeks, participants will prototype an alpha website that addresses a specific resident need. Finish with an approach and practice ready to apply to your current or future City website.

Alpha Package:

$5000 - FREE for first bootcamp cohort

  • Alpha website that models a new approach to addressing a resident need
  • Audit of current site performance & user experience
  • Weekly workshops and hands-on support from Code for America
  • Access to a network of practitioners
  • A design brief for an RFP (or your current designer)

What you'll learn:

  • Baseline Performance and Develop Analytics
  • Writing for the web, mobile experience
  • Iterative Design & Development
  • Organizing your web team
  • Project scoping, user needs definition
  • User testing and recruiting
  • Design values and briefs
  • Digital first publishing and workflows

Apply for Redesign Bootcamp

  • Applications close June 5th

    We'll notify successful applicants by June 11th.
    Bootcamp workshops begin July 1st!
    Questions? Send us an email.
  • Commitment

    Each week, participants will be responsible for completing "coursework" with colleagues in advance of the next bootcamp webinar. Participants should anticipate 5-8 hours per week, including:

    • Attendance of at least one staff person at online workshops
    • Implementation work with alpha department colleagues on weekly milestones
    • Use collaborative tools like Slack and Google Docs (in some cases this may mean you need to do your Bootcamp work from a personal computer)
  • Example resident needs

    • Parking information: “How do I pay a parking ticket?”
    • Parks and Recreation programming: “When is the next lap swim?”
    • Legislative participation: “When is the next council meeting?”
    • Job seekers. “What jobs are offered by city hall?”
    • Special events. “How do I plan a public event?
    • Trash pick up. “When is trash pick-up for my street?”
    • Report service requests. “My pothole needs filling!”

Applications close for the first Redesign Bootcamp on June 5th 2015

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