User Needs

How to focus city websites on users

People come to city websites with specific needs. Anything that gets between your users and meeting those needs should be removed. Use these guides to find out how to provide the right content and the right services to your users.

What are the goals of a good city website?

Use this guide to learn about what goals a city website should have for government and residents and general principles.

Where do I start?

Use this guide if you are looking for advice on how to plan a new city website alpha, a redesign or overhaul and good tasks to start with.

Run a resident survey

If you are starting a website redesign, use this survey to assess the devices and types of internet access used in different parts of your city, evaluate user needs to prioritize content development, and understand where your city has strong and weak connections to users of its website.

Tell us what you think (opens a 3 minute survey on another website)