Open Data: Getting Started

Guest Speakers

Jack Madans (host)

Government Partnerships Manager Code for America @jackmadans

Burt Lum

Executive Director Hawaii Open Data @Bytemarks

Laura Meixell

2013 Fellow, Louisville Team Code for America @lauratypes

Laurenellen McCann

National Policy Manager Sunlight Foundation @elle_mccann
There's a lot that goes into building a successful open data initiative. It's about much more than simply articulating the rationales for open data. In this webinar we'll hear from experts who have worked with governments who have recently undergone the process and learn how they navigated issues like:
  • Getting stakeholder support from both the executive and operational level
  • Crafting a policy that suits your local context
  • Building in sustainability measures
  • Planning for successful implementation
  • Demonstrating value quickly and getting community engagement
This session originally aired on September 24, 2013.  
This event is hosted by the Code for America Peer Network, CfA's community of innovators working in local government from over thirty cities and counties. Learn more about the Peer Network and how you can get involved here.