Alicia Rouault

Senior Advisor to the Executive Director

Member of

Alicia Rouault joined CfA as Senior Advisor to Code for America's Executive Director in 2015.

She brings a background in city planning, interactive design, and public policy. Prior to this role, Alicia spent 3 years as CEO and Co-Founder at software firm, Amplify Labs, where she designed and implemented dozens of data-driven public sector projects (including LocalData, Vital Signs, and Data Canvas). At Code for America, she manages strategic planning, program assessment and external partnerships with the Executive Team.

She first joined CfA as a Fellow in 2012, working in the City of Detroit’s Mayors Office, and has worked in Government Relations and Economic Development in the non-profit and public sector. Her academic background is in Public Policy and City Planning at University of Toronto and Massachusetts Institute of Technology. She is a winner of the 2012 Knight News Challenge and graduate of the Accelerator.