Jase Wilson

Jase Wilson is a civic geek and planner at heart based in downtown Kansas City, Missouri. In 2004 he founded Luminopolis, a boutique civic software firm that specializes in helping communities make the most of web-based technologies. In 2012 he founded Neighbor.ly, the civic fundraising platform that helps people, companies and institutions invest in the places and civic projects they care about. His interests lie at the intersection of cities, technology, and new models of collective funding.

Through Neighbor.ly, he lives out his passion for helping communities help themselves in an era of economic uncertainty. A relentless advocate for better quality of life through civic innovation, he is helping to pioneer the civic crowdfunding movement in the United States.

He helped Kansas City become the first Google Fiber city, and served on the Mayor's Bistate Innovation Team tasked with making the most of the opportunity.

He holds a Masters in City Planning from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he researched web-based technology for civic engagement and consulted a variety of local governments around the world.