Data-driven Decision Making

Approaches like analytics, data-informed performance management techniques, and predictive modeling, can help drive insights into resident behavior and expectations. Governments can use data to improve efficiency, effectiveness and responsiveness.

Practice Data-driven Desicion Making

We're publishing a set of guides, tools and resources for governments that want to start practicing data-driven desicion making.


  • Beyond Transparency

    This digital book was recently produced by Code for America and contains stories of agencies and individuals using data to drive performance and service creation and development.


  • Analytics Dashboard

    The City Analytics Dashboard lets you display the live traffic on your website easily from your Google Analytics account, launch in a few minutes.

  • LocalData

    LocalData is a mapping platform that helps cities and communities make data-driven decisions by capturing and visualizing street-level information in real time.

  • CivicInsight

    Simple, clear language and visualizations help residents make sense of complicated processes like code enforcement and building permits. With fewer questions from residents, agency staff have more time to focus on their work.


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