Team Building

Digital must be a key skill of government, at all levels, owned by the people responsible for delivering programs and services to the public.

Practice Team Building

We're publishing a set of guides, tools and resources to help governments work in the open, proactively publish public data online, and collaborate with the community to help make programs and services better for everyone.



Further Reading

  • Read: The Sunlight Foundation's Open Data Policy Guidelines

    The Sunlight Foundation created this living set of open data guidelines to address: what data should be public, how to make data public, and how to implement policy.

  • Watch: Growing the Pie for IT Talent Through TechHire

    Byron Auguste, Stephen Yadzinski, Sandi Hoff and Mindy Aronoff discuss how to grow the pie with TechHire, an initiative to expand the pool for IT talent through accelerated training and inclusive hiring practices focused on skills and competencies rather than degrees or pedigree.