CityVoice is a place-based call-in system to collect community feedback on geographic entities (like vacant properties) using the simple, accessible medium of the telephone.


You can set up a CityVoice trial in about 15 minutes if you have:

  • A set of locations (for example, properties or neighborhoods) that callers will call in about or from
  • A set of 2-5 questions that you want to ask callers
  • A microphone (for example, using a laptop or phone) to record mp3 audio files


Live Example
Environment Ruby on Rails with Twilio for telephone integration.
Contact us for a trial


How it works

CityVoice was created to make community feedback quick, easy and accessible for residents and actionable for public servants. It invites residents to participate through on-location signs and flyers; residents call a phone number, enter a location code, and answer structured polls as well as leaving voice answers to open-ended questions. The responses are collected and presented on a public website.

Municipalities can use the data and information collected to get broad overviews of community sentiment on issues as well as drill down to the details of a specific location. In South Bend, CityVoice is being used for a Vacant and Abandoned Properties Initiative and is helping the City prioritize what actions to pursue for over 1000 vacant and abandoned properties.

See its impact in South Bend: South Bend Tribune, WSBT 22, Fox 28

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