Clean (Alpha)

Clean helps you fill out an application for CalFresh (Food Stamps) in San Francisco.

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Clean helps you fill out an application for CalFresh (Food Stamps). We built Clean because millions of Californians are eligible for CalFresh but not enrolled. One reason is that the current online applications are pretty long and confusing. Here's how one of them works today. Right now we're piloting it in San Francisco. If it works, we'll expand throughout CA.


How did it start?
It started as an idea to help social service clients in San Francisco. Check out the project ideas repository on GitHub to see the beginning conversation.

What does Alpha mean?
Alpha means you shouldn't count on it working tomorrow. This is an experiment for now. Once it's stable enough to use we'll upgrade move it to Beta.

How does it work?
Clean asks you for the minimal amount of information necessary to process a CalFresh application, prints this information to California's official CalFresh application form, and emails the application to HSA in a password-protected file.

How much does it cost?
Right now it's free for everyone. If we expand to other counties we'll probably have to charge money.

Can I try it?
Yup! Here's the demo site:

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