RecordTrac makes public records requests friendlier for the public and easier for governments to manage.


You can set up RecordTrac if you have:

  • A list of emails for records liaisons by department
  • Accounts, or ability to sign up for accounts, at Heroku, Scribd, and Sendgrid
  • A high level commitment to deliver records online.


Live Example
Environment Python application built on a backend Flask framework.
Redeploy Use the RecordTrac setup application or follow Heroku installation instructions on GitHub.
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How it works

RecordTrac makes the process of requesting and delivering official public records simpler and fully compliant with local policies. It works best when cities:

  • Track all public records requests through RecordTrac, even if originally received it through other channels
  • Thoroughly redact documents before posting
  • Upload scanned copies of the [redacted] records to RecordTrac. This prevents answering the same public records request multiple times and provides proof you responded.

This is the open-source version. There is a proprietary version offered as a hosted service by NextRequest.

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