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    It's the best place to connect with the civic innovation community, discover new ideas, and get inspired.

    Jonathan Betz, Engineering Manager
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    Excited to be at the #cfasummit. One of the best conferences of the year!

    Kris Trujillo, VP of Products


Breakout Sessions

Captivate the audience with a breakout session on the topic of your choice.

Tech Fair

Converse with government staff, developers and designers at this year's two-day Tech Fair.


Position yourself as a leader of innovative government tools and platforms.



Attendees at the 2014 Summit — we're expecting an even larger audience in 2015


Increase in Summit attendees from 2013 to 2014


Technologists, governments, staff and entreprenuers engaging with our email list

(Read more by-the-numbers breakdowns in our Prospectus.)

Scenes from the 2014 Summit

Connect with our technologists

Code for Puerto Rico Brigade leader Imanol Aranzadi chats with other Brigade Captains about community organizing.

Showcase your work

2014 CfA Fellow Molly McLeod leads a breakout session on designing better health information.

Brush up on the latest trends

The Atlanta Fellowship team features its CourtBot application, which allows Atlanta residents to pay their parking ticket via text, rather than waiting for hours in line.

Represent at the Tech Fair

OpenCounter, an economic development civic startup, engages with eager Summit attendees.

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